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Come see why MEGAPLAY was voted Best Place To Take Your Kids!

MEGAPLAY is an indoor playground designed specifically to keep your children happy and active for hours. We have offer a multi-level indoor play structure that has a variety of activities for your kids to enjoy such as: a giant wave slides, rainbow bridges, pyramid obstacles, web net bridges, spinning plates, play panels…and the list goes on. And if that were not enough, we have soft play rides like a spinning palm tree, inflatables, and more. These are super soft safe structures your kids will enjoy playing on and will never forget!


We have a special area just for toddlers with soft play equipment specifically designed for them; such as an animal merry-go-round, soft foam slide, ball pit, building blocks, and much more! The area is isolated so older kids aren’t getting in the way of your small toddler as they crawl and explore. Moms and dads can enjoy their toddler’s play in a fun, clean and safe environment.


Parents we haven’t forgotten about you! We have a café area where you can sit back and take a break while you watch your kids play. Enjoy a beverage and snack while surfing the Internet (free WIFI).


Book your next Birthday Party or Children’s Event at MEGAPLAY. We offer multiple birthday party rooms your children will never forget. For the birthday Prince or Princess they get to sit in their own King/Queen throne chair. We have devoted employees assigned just to you as your host for your entire party. This way you get to enjoy your child’s birthday party as well!





  • Our Vision: Innovation and movement in every activity that is fun and safe.


  • Our Mission: To have a place where children can play any day and time.


  • Our Values: We value kids, family, life, and dreams.

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